Segmentable Dashboard Widgets

As part of the Custom Dashboard views, you can now create widgets for specific segments!

Just edit or create a new dashboard view and you'll see a "Segment" option to choose one of your pre-built segments, giving you faster access to the segments that impact your business.

Plan Area Update

We've overhauled the plan area at the bottom of each metric page!

Previously there were two "widgets": A listing of plans and a pie chart of how those plans made up each metric.

The pie chart wasn't terribly useful due to the fact that most people have far more plans than can reasonably fit in a pie chart, so we combined that % into the plan listing itself!

This also sets the stage for some near-future improvements to Segmentation!

Dashboard Team Sharing

You can now share your custom dashboards with team members.

By sharing these dashboards, your team can view them, but they cannot edit them.

Custom Dashboards allow you to choose from 50+ metrics and data points to create exactly the views you need for different areas and roles in your business.

Now you can share those views across your team!


Messaging is core function of SaaS companies and, more often than not, those messages are sent based on where a customer is in their lifecycle with your product (trials, signups, upgrades, cancellations, etc) plus specific customer attributes (company size, plan, MRR, LTV, location, etc).

No other messaging tool has all of that data without importing it from multiple sources and keeping it synced indefinitely...until now.

With Baremetrics Messaging, using only a connection to your payment processor, you can create sophisticated and powerful messaging campaigns to onboard, engage and retain customers!

Get started with it today:

Some highlights of the tool...

  • Create sophisticated ongoing campaigns and put them on autopilot
  • Create targeted segments based on behavior and profile
  • Use our pre-built templates or craft your own
  • Send one-off messages for an announcement or special promotion

We wanted to get back to a lightweight tool that does just what you need and for a price that won’t make you cringe every month when you look at your bill.

Cancellation Insights API support

We have rolled out support for Cancellation Insights in our API.

You can now manage your cancellation reasons via the API, including creating, updating, and deleting them! There is also support for the creation and updating of cancellation events, which allows you to backfill any data you already have on cancellations.

API support allows you to integrate your existing cancellation flow while gaining the deep insights only available through Cancellation Insights!

Intercom App (Metrics + In-App Data)

We’ve launched an Intercom integration! This integration has three major components.

First, it adds Baremetrics data right inside Intercom via a sidebar widget. This makes Baremetrics financial data and events viewable for each customer.

Second, it syncs your custom Intercom attributes and tags available in Baremetrics to Segment on!

And finally, it adds five new metric dashboards for your Intercom data:

Let us know what you think!

Changelog: February 17, 2020

In an incredibly exhilarating turn of events, we’ve made the daring and bold decision to rename our changelog updates from “Weekly Change Log” to just “Changelog”. So, thank you for your patience during the transition.

Now, on to the good stuff!

  • Annotations are now editable. Previously you’d have to delete and repost your annotations for little things like spelling errors. But we realized this was annoying, much like Twitter refusing to add an edit feature.
  • Customer CSV exports now include custom attributes. When you bring in additional data via Augmentation, we now include that data in your CSV exports.
  • Recover for Stripe users now makes use of the Setup Intents API for everyone, which means 3D Secure and SCA is also supported.

Weekly Change Log: Feb 7, 2020

It’s been a busy week of improvements! In addition to updating your company logo and adding a currency setting, we shipped a few other handy things as well!

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