New: Widgets for iOS App

No more app-refreshing madnessOur iOS app now allows you to add Baremetrics widgets to your home screen, lock screen, or today view. 

To add a widget, you'll need to update to version 1.0.3!

Available on all iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. Here’s a sneak peek of how some widgets look:

Up next? We're working on bringing your subscription metrics right to your wrist with upcoming WatchOS support. ⌚ 

Stripe Discount Handling for Metered/Usage Subscriptions

Our latest Stripe integration update ensures more accurate handling of discounts applied to subscriptions with metered plans, preventing any inaccuracy that could affect your metrics.

In the past, when a discount was applied to a metered billing plan and was eventually replaced with another discount, the customer's MRR would sometimes populate incorrectly in your account without the coupon. Now that's fixed! With these updates, you can expect more precise billing and fewer discrepancies, making your experience smoother and more reliable.

Please keep sharing your thoughts with us. Baremetrics is committed to refining our subscription metrics calculations and handling outliers.

Google Play Enhanced Subscription Interval Detection

We've made improvements to ensure that subscription plans are accurately identified within our Google Play integration.  

With this update, we now ensure that you get the most accurate subscription plans, whether they're monthly, annual, or any other period. Previously, similar SKUs but different plans (like 'monthly' and 'annual') were causing inaccuracies. We'll now correctly determine the plan interval, making your billing and subscription management more precise and reliable.

Keep sharing your experiences and suggestions with us, and together, we can make Baremetrics even better!

🌍Multi-currency handling for Stripe

If you have enabled Adaptive Pricing within Stripe, you will be pleased to know that we have upgraded our platform to show your customer's charges in their paid-in currency on their profile. This will help you monitor your customer's activity with greater ease and efficiency. Additionally, the metrics will be reported in your account currency, giving you a clearer view of your financials. 

To check out your settings, please visit the data settings page here. We are constantly working to improve our features based on the feedback we receive from you. So, please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts!

Chargebee Offers & Plan Lock

If you create offers within Chargebee (Product Catalog 2.0), sometimes Chargebee will send the plan interval incorrectly. 

IE: If you offer an annual plan without a trial, with an introductory offer with a 50% discount. Chargebee presents the plan with a 12-month trial and daily billing. To address this issue, we have introduced a plan "lock" functionality that allows you to lock the previous interval. This will enable our system to accurately track and calculate your subscription charges, making sure that metrics are correct and reliable. Currently, this is a manual process that you will need to request from our Success team. In the future, however, this will be editable in your plan settings👀. If you encounter this issue, please reach out to  to request the plan "lock" functionality and to help get started. 

Support for Multi-Currency Xero Accounts (Forecast+)

We're excited to announce support for non-US multi-currency accounts in Xero. 💼🔥Thanks to this update, customers outside the US will experience much smoother operations and better clarity on your financials within Forecast+. 

Looking ahead, we see many possibilities for further enhancing our multi-currency and regional support. We can't wait to explore these opportunities and bring more value to your experience. 🙌

Improvements over Q1 & Q2👏

We are excited to announce several backend improvements we've made to enhance the user experience with Baremetrics. Here's how we've spent our time:

  1. Stripe Test Mode Enabled: We've added a new feature that allows you to use Stripe test mode. With this feature, you can import Stripe test data, which will help you create and manage testing accounts with ease. This feature will enhance your ability to test different scenarios and obtain more precise insights when making crucial updates.
  2. Enhanced Clearbit Integration: Previously, customers reported inconsistencies with our Clearbit integration. We've taken your feedback into account and have implemented updates to our Clearbit integration to ensure a smoother, more efficient experience. Now, our system will handle Clearbit API calls directly to prevent overloading, improving the overall performance and reliability of the integration. We've also adjusted the number of emails enqueued per sync worker-run, ensuring we're maintaining a healthier communication balance with Clearbit.
  3. Updated Shopify Fees for a Clearer Overview: Based on your feedback and our ongoing improvements, we've revised the way Shopify fees are calculated in our tool. Like other providers such as Stripe, Shopify processing fees are now included in the fees metric, providing a more comprehensive view! 🎉
  4. Enhanced Invoice Processing for BAC Payments: Building on our previous updates, where we started disregarding invoices in a 'pending' state and ceased creating states for invoices in 'processing', the system will now only flag an invoice as delinquent after more than one payment attempt. 🕵️‍♂️ We believe you'll find this update particularly useful if you're using the BAC system for payments. No more incorrect flags for unpaid invoices while your transaction is simply awaiting approval. This update should make the process smoother and worry-free! 👌

We'll continue refining and expanding our features based on the feedback you provide. Enjoy the latest update and let us know what you think!

Net Revenue Customer View

We have just released a new customer-level view for the Net Revenue Metric! With this new update, you now can easily access a comprehensive list of all charges included in the Net Revenue. This customer view provides a clear and organized list of the data that flows into your payment provider, enabling you to analyze and understand charges more effectively. 

Take advantage of this valuable list of charges and start exploring Net Revenue today!

NEW METRIC: Average Sale Price (ASP)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of another new metric on Baremetrics: Average Sales Price (ASP). Our commitment to providing comprehensive analytics for your business growth continues, and with ASP, you get another powerful tool in your arsenal.

What is Average Sales Price (ASP)?

Average Sales Price (ASP) is the average amount a customer pays when they first subscribe to your service or product. Essentially, it’s the average revenue generated per new account. Unlike ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), which encompasses overall revenue, ASP specifically measures revenue from new sales, giving you a clear picture of your initial sales performance.

🌡️ Think of ASP as the thermometer of your sales pool – it tells you the temperature of your initial sales engagements.

Take me to my ASP

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