Intercom App (Metrics + In-App Data)

We’ve launched an Intercom integration! This integration has three major components.

First, it adds Baremetrics data right inside Intercom via a sidebar widget. This makes Baremetrics financial data and events viewable for each customer.

Second, it syncs your custom Intercom attributes and tags available in Baremetrics to Segment on!

And finally, it adds five new metric dashboards for your Intercom data:

Let us know what you think!

Changelog: February 17, 2020

In an incredibly exhilarating turn of events, we’ve made the daring and bold decision to rename our changelog updates from “Weekly Change Log” to just “Changelog”. So, thank you for your patience during the transition.

Now, on to the good stuff!

  • Annotations are now editable. Previously you’d have to delete and repost your annotations for little things like spelling errors. But we realized this was annoying, much like Twitter refusing to add an edit feature.
  • Customer CSV exports now include custom attributes. When you bring in additional data via Augmentation, we now include that data in your CSV exports.
  • Recover for Stripe users now makes use of the Setup Intents API for everyone, which means 3D Secure and SCA is also supported.

Weekly Change Log: Feb 7, 2020

It’s been a busy week of improvements! In addition to updating your company logo and adding a currency setting, we shipped a few other handy things as well!

Currency Change

If you accept payments in multiple currencies, you may want to view your data in a different currency than what your account defaults to. Previously, you’d have to send in a support ticket to have that changed.

It’s now completely self-serve! Head to your Data Settings page to change your account’s currency.

Update your company logo

Previously we automatically pulled your company logo for use in the dashboard but many times it’d be incorrect or outdated. No more!

You can now manually set your company logo to whatever you’d like…even another company’s logo! 😉

Head over to your Company Details settings to update your logo.

Weekly Change Log: Jan 15, 2020

We’ve got a slew of updates from the past couple of weeks!

  • New Canceled Trials metric
  • Manual Subscriptions are now much easier to manage and include new options for discounts, quantities and date changes
  • New sidebar navigation that should make moving between metrics much faster
  • Chargebee now supports add-ons with billing intervals that are different from plan intervals
  • Intercom app that lets you view Baremetrics data in Intercom and also syncs Intercom data back to Baremetrics as segment attributes

Goals + Tabular Data in Custom Dashboards

Last month we launched Custom Dashboards, allowing you to create multiple dashboard views with the exact data points you want.

Today, we’ve added two new data types to this!

Goals: You can now view your goals as their own widget right on the dashboard, helping you stay focused on what matters.

Tables: View lists of plans and/or customers related to over a dozen different metrics, giving you quick access to the customers and the plans that affect those metrics.

Custom Dashboards

We’ve launched a major overhaul to the main dashboard! There are two big changes as part of this.

First, all of the graphs are now interactive. No more guessing what a given point on a line is. You can now hover over it and see!

Second (and arguably much more important), you can now build customer views of exactly what you want!

Today we’ve launched with over 40 different metrics and data points you can pull from, along with drag/drop support so you can place what you want, where you want it.

You can even create multiple views to easily and instantly swap between different sets of data!

The ultimate goal is to give you full control over exactly what you want to see so you can get the insights you need, faster.

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