New: Net Revenue Customer View

We have just released a new customer-level view for the Net Revenue Metric! With this new update, you now can easily access a comprehensive list of all charges included in the Net Revenue. This customer view provides a clear and organized list of the data that flows into your payment provider, enabling you to analyze and understand charges more effectively. 

Take advantage of this valuable list of charges and start exploring Net Revenue today!

NEW METRIC: Average Sale Price (ASP)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of another new metric on Baremetrics: Average Sales Price (ASP). Our commitment to providing comprehensive analytics for your business growth continues, and with ASP, you get another powerful tool in your arsenal.

What is Average Sales Price (ASP)?

Average Sales Price (ASP) is the average amount a customer pays when they first subscribe to your service or product. Essentially, it’s the average revenue generated per new account. Unlike ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), which encompasses overall revenue, ASP specifically measures revenue from new sales, giving you a clear picture of your initial sales performance.

🌡️ Think of ASP as the thermometer of your sales pool – it tells you the temperature of your initial sales engagements.

Take me to my ASP

NEW METRIC: Net Revenue Retention

So many of you have been asking for it and we've finally released it! 

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) is a metric used to measure the growth or contraction of revenue from existing customers over a specific time frame. It gives insights into how well a company is retaining and expanding its revenue from its existing customer base. Net Revenue Retention considers the impact of both customer churn and upsells/expansions within a specific period. A value greater than 100% indicates revenue growth from existing customers, while a value less than 100% suggests contraction. Here is how it’s calculated:
NRR = 100% − ((Churned MRR - Expansion MRR) ÷ Starting MRR 30 days ago x 100)

Stay tuned for more releases!

New: Other Revenue Customer View

I've got some exciting news for you. We've listened to your feedback and added a new customer view to Other Revenue right here!

What is Other Revenue, you ask? Well, it's all about those one-off charges and payments that aren't associated with a subscription. We've now organized it by customer and payment, so you can easily track and manage those transactions. The best part is that this is just the beginning - you can expect to see an expansion of support for one-time charges and usage billing shortly. This development will provide customers with even more flexibility and options when it comes to managing their charges! 👀

Baremetrics IOS Mobile App is here!

We've just released our free iOS Mobile App🎉 

This means you can:

  • See all Baremetrics events, customers, and their details.
  • Dashboards on the move for investor presentations, elevator pitches, and more
  • Track every new trial, new subscription, and upgrade wherever you go

It's not perfect! We are open to feedback and happy to talk about any bugs you may come across as we continue to build it out.

App Store

Retention Cohort Tables have a new home!

Have you ever wondered, "Where can I find those cohort tables?" Perhaps you didn't even know they existed! Our Retention Cohort Tables were previously tucked away within the User Churn and Revenue Churn Metrics, but now they have their own dedicated space! No need to worry; if you're accustomed to searching for them in their old spot, they're still available there too. Having both Retention Cohort Tables in one place will also allow you to easily compare the two. Interested in understanding how to use and interpret this data? Check out this article.

Recover 30 Days Renewal Template is HERE!

You asked, and we delivered! We now have an additional Annual Subscription renewal email template available in Recover. Toggle this email “ON” to send renewal emails to all your annual subscriptions 30 days prior to their renewal date. Having these emails turned on for your customers is good practice went it comes to communications and can help prevent churn!

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