Messaging is core function of SaaS companies and, more often than not, those messages are sent based on where a customer is in their lifecycle with your product (trials, signups, upgrades, cancellations, etc) plus specific customer attributes (company size, plan, MRR, LTV, location, etc).

No other messaging tool has all of that data without importing it from multiple sources and keeping it synced indefinitely...until now.

With Baremetrics Messaging, using only a connection to your payment processor, you can create sophisticated and powerful messaging campaigns to onboard, engage and retain customers!

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Some highlights of the tool...

  • Create sophisticated ongoing campaigns and put them on autopilot
  • Create targeted segments based on behavior and profile
  • Use our pre-built templates or craft your own
  • Send one-off messages for an announcement or special promotion

We wanted to get back to a lightweight tool that does just what you need and for a price that won’t make you cringe every month when you look at your bill.