Weekly Change Log: March 1, 2019

Quick note: We’re going to test out doing weekly change logs here to summarize a lot of the smaller changes that we make throughout a given week.

  • Stripe multi-plan subscriptions with dollar-amount coupons are now processing correctly. We were previously understating their MRR because we mistakenly assigned the total discount to each subscription item. Now we split the discount proportionally among all the subscription items.
  • Trial Insights now show a list of converted trials for a given timeframe. The High Value Trials and Trials Expiring Soon lists have been removed as the same information can now be found in the Active trials table by sorting using the column headers.
  • The customer tables for Churned Subscriptions and Churned Customers now include a column indicating if their cancellation was due to delinquency or not. Same goes for the associated CSV downloads.
  • When you create a subscription with multiple plans, where one plan is free and the others are paid, we now properly categorize the paid one as the original subscription, instead of “new existing”, regardless of the event order from Stripe. New revenue is now more consistently recognized in these scenarios.
  • Occasionally an account would get stuck processing event data for extended periods of time. The chances of that happening are now significantly reduced.
  • Intros was removed.
  • Recover now accounts for invoices marked as “Paid outside of Stripe”